KMC Wheels Upgrading its UTV Range with New Models: Details Here

KMC Wheels is once again upgrading its already-impressive inventory to ensure its continued market dominance. 5 new custom rims, each of which has a diameter of 15 inches, have now been launched in what will surely boost the company’s presence in the UTV and hard-terrain markets. Industry observers are regarding the move as a bold one as it will take on the newer rivals including Road Force Wheels.

This is above and over the already existing rivals, some of which are household names in the aftermarket segment like Fuel and Petrol Wheels.

KMC Wheels is a subsidiary of the famous Wheel Pros Ltd., and is considered one of the most advanced and technologically sophisticated brands not only in the USA but around the world.

Each year, it offers several new options to its loyal clientele. This year, the UTV crowd is getting the updated XD Powersport series. These are specially designed for UTVs and have been proven to be able to take on any challenge when it comes its way.

Besides these, to counter burgeoning rivals like Scorpion Wheels, KMC has also decided to showcase some of the latest models in the custom rim segment not solely intended for UTVs. These rims are some of 2022’s most competent wheels and have what it takes to be the best in the business.

Let us take a quick look at these latest models.

KMC Wheels and the future

KMC Wheels is one brand that never compromises in quality and quantity. It has been matchless in the sheer number of products it launches every year. This year, even as the global pandemic has hit the custom wheel industry badly, the company has not failed its customers.

Here are some of the top models designed to take on the best brands like Road Force Wheels and others.

  • Grenade Crawl Beadlock: The Grenade range of off-road capable custom rims are said to be amongst the best in the business. They are machined from a single block of 6160-grade aluminum, meaning these are monoforged rims. The Grenade family has seen a series of new launched this year, mostly because Scorpion Wheels and a few other brands are also bullish on off-road rims.

As is obvious, these are beadlock wheels and have distinctive engineering written all over them which are all motifs of KMC Wheels.

These wheels are available in a wide number of offsets, and the rims also have a great style element which distinguishes them from other wheels of similar dimensions.

KMC has chosen to go ahead with chrome models of these wheels for now, and a number of other colors including flaming red and yellow, plus a few classic metallic ones, are also expected in the near future.

  • Machete Crawl Beadlock: The Machete family of rims from the house of KMC Wheels is another fabulous range of off-road custom wheels which is updated frequently. The latest and possibly the best of the latest members of this family is the Crawl Beadlock, a model that is guaranteed to be used by some of the most hardcore racers and off-roading enthusiasts.

This is a forged rim, and it uses high-grade aluminum which is the starting material. Currently, the Crawl Beadlock is only available in one size: 17 inches. This is being regarded as being a direct confrontation to some of the newer models from Scorpion Wheels and a few other manufacturers.

Since there is a single size, it could be argued that people would find it difficult to get a rim of their choice. However, KMC Wheels has already decided off-the-record to go forth and launch a number of different sizes.

This will provide alloy custom rims enthusiasts to go ahead and take the plunge!

  • Wrath: This is a rather apt name for a wheel that has been designed for extreme sporting events and tough off-roading conditions. The Wrath is the latest in technology and is a direct competitor to some of the most modern models from Road Force Wheels and a few other companies.

What makes these wheels special is that they are attractive, tough, durable and are available in sizes of 17 and 20 inches. These 2 diameters are currently the ones which are in the greatest demand.

KMC Wheels has gone ahead and launched 3 brand-new colors of the Wrath. These 12-spoked wonders are available in chrome, bronze and matte black finishes.

If you think your car lacks the oomph factor that it should have, the Wrath is the perfect answer to your conundrum. It is also considerably less expensive than the previous 2 models.

Before we go

Whether you are buying KMC Wheels or other brands, always ensure you get a complete set. Matching old/used and new rims is a terrible idea and can be dangerous on off-road conditions.

Safe travels!

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